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iGRAD – Managing Money

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    60 Second Answers:
    When setting up your budget, it's important to know the different components that go into one…more
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    Invest Quest
    Think you’re making your money work for you in the most efficient way? Test your investment IQ in this game to see if you have what it takes…more
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    Here's How to Keep Your Online Overspending Under Control
    Whether it’s Amazon prime or a sale at your favorite store, it’s easy to spend too much when all you have to do is enter a credit card number from your…more
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    Personal Bankruptcy is No Get-Out-of-Debt-Free Card
    Filing for bankruptcy is not simply a matter of mismanaged money–it can be brought about by many things, like unemployment, legal fees and…more
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    How is my Credit Score Calculated?
    Lenders look to your credit score as an indicator of the likelihood that you will pay back your loan. A lender will also use your credit score.…more
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    Credit Card Simulator 
    This credit card game is a great and fun tool to teach you how not to spend money on unnecessary expenses…more
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    Types of Purchases You Might Regret Later
    Remember that product you absolutely had to have when you were a kid? You would do anything…more
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    You CAN Save Money for Multiple Goals: How to Multitask Your Savings
    We all need to save for retirement but there are many other events to save for in the meantime, ranging from vacations to a child’s college education…more
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    How to Get an Even Bigger Tax Refund Next Year
    The best part of filing your taxes is the wonderful feeling when a big refund is direct deposited into your bank account. Wouldn’t be nicer if you could…more