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Finding a career

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    Student Life Hacks: Build Your Career While Still in College
    College students should start building a good foundation for their future career while still in college. You want to leave your university not only with knowledge but also with the skills you need to face the tough competition.…more
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    Key Online Strategies for Getting That
    Internship or Job

    Ready to find that perfect job or internship? Here are some key online tactics that will make you a sought-after expert in your field and the most…more
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    How to Remain Competitive in an Ever-Changing Job Market
    Changing jobs, or going back to work after a time away, can be more intimidating the older you get. Whether you are making a change out of necessity or choice, it can be hard to know where to even begin in a rapidly changing job market. What was desirable when you landed your last job could have little importance to hiring managers now.…more
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    5 Ways to Stay Positive During Your Job Search
    Job searching can be an overwhelming task, whether you’ve chosen to look for a new job or you’ve unexpectedly found yourself in the position of needing to look for a job. The good news is, though, like almost everything in life, you can make your job search a million times better just by slightly altering your thinking. …more
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    Personal Life is Personal, but Your Social Media Life is Public
    With social media acting as a portal into your personal life, your personal and professional life can no longer operate in silos. Social media may be posted during your time off, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have an effect on all aspects of your life...more
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    Job Search Strategy Tips and Tricks
    It can be overwhelming searching for a job; however, having a clear understanding of the job search process and developing a job-search strategy can make the process significantly easier…more
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    Developing Your Unique Selling Proposition or Personal Brand
    What sets you apart from other job-seekers? Do you know how to sell yourself as a potential employee? The more clear an idea you have of your unique selling proposition, the easier it will be to communicate this to potential employers...more
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    5 Things You Should NEVER Say at a Job Interview 
    Regardless if you have interview experience, there are some things you should take into consideration. To help you make a good impression…more
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    6 Soft Skills That Could Help Advance Your Career  
    Your career goes beyond just technical skills. Even if you are the most technically skilled worker in a group, that still won’t guarantee success...more